Air Conditioners are Affected by Extreme Heat

Air conditioners in the greater Phoenix area are affected by extreme heat each summer, and this summer is no different. It has been especially HOT this year! Most air conditioners are not built to operate well in temperatures of 100 degrees Fahrenheit and above when they have to keep the inside of your home 20-30 [...]

Seasonal Maintenance Matters

Is your Heating system ready for fall/winter? Tune-ups are recommended twice per year on your heating/cooling system, in spring and fall. Regular maintenance of your system helps: Prepare your home for seasonal change Ensures AC/Heating equipment performs at it’s best Boosts energy savings Helps maintain the highest level of comfort for you and your family [...]

Repairing or Replacing your A/C Unit

SHOULD YOU REPAIR OR REPLACE YOUR AIR CONDTIONER? Living in the Phoenix Area we all know that a well-installed and properly operating air conditioning system is a must. This place is hot, so it’s great to go from the brutal heat into an ice cold mall or movie theater and it’s no surprise that swimming […]