Spring: The Optimal Time For AC Repairs Or Replacement

Spring has arrived and as the weather heats up in the Phoenix area homeowners are cleaning up, fixing up, and replacing air conditioners as needed across the city. Springtime is the optimal time to have your air conditioning system cleaned up, tuned up or replaced for the AC season ahead.

A well running air conditioning system helps:

–   Keep you comfortable from the start of the season through the

heat of summer

–   Reduce wear and tear on your AC equipment

–   Adds to the longevity and efficiency of the air conditioner

–   Saves energy costs every month

Upgrade or replace your air conditioner with an energy-efficient system when:

–   Frequent AC repairs occur

–   Utility bills skyrocket due to inefficient and poorly operating AC unit

–   Your air conditioner is 10+ years old and losing efficiency and costs more in repairs

–   You want to save 20-50% on cooling costs with a high-efficiency air conditioner
Keeping your home cool and comfortable this spring and summer starts with air conditioning maintenance, repair, or by replacing old systems that no longer serve you. Marlin Services is ready to help you beat the heat and properly care for your air conditioning system.

Oh, one final thought, be sure to change those clogged and dirty air filters. They play a big role in maintaining efficient running.

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