Air Conditioners are Affected by Extreme Heat

ACAir conditioners in the greater Phoenix area are affected by extreme heat each summer, and this summer is no different. It has been especially HOT this year!

Most air conditioners are not built to operate well in temperatures of 100 degrees Fahrenheit and above when they have to keep the inside of your home 20-30 degrees cooler than the outside temperature. These criteria have been established by ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers, Inc.) and are referenced by most energy codes. Once the maximum outside temperature is reached excessive energy is consumed as the system works harder to cool the home or office and the cooling system can start to malfunction. Additionally, the working parts of the air conditioner can begin to fail.

Take a Look At These Relevant Notes:

A/C is Not Working, Turn Off A/C – If your air conditioner is not cooling, turn it off. This helps prevent the unit from further damage

Lower A/C Efficiency – In extreme heat, even the best A/C systems decrease in efficiency due to high outdoor temperatures. The lower the temperature outside, the better the cooling is inside

Greater Energy Demand – With increased temperatures, everyone else in the area wants to stay cool by lowering their thermostats at the same time. With this higher energy demand, you might experience power outages or overloads. One recommendation is to set your thermostat at 78 Fahrenheit degrees or higher when someone is home. Set it at 82 degrees Fahrenheit or higher when no one is home

Increased Wear – In extreme heat, most air conditioners constantly run to lower the temperature inside the home

More Dust & Debris – A/C units tend to collect more dust and debris than usual in the monsoon dust storms, which clogs filters and coils faster

Spinning Fans – Outside fans accumulate debris faster with the constant spinning

Replace Air Filters Monthly – Change filters more often in extreme temperatures

Older Units Need Replacement – Many units older than ten years are likely to have difficulty maintaining and surviving the extreme heat. Newer units are better engineered and more efficient than the older ones

Stay safe in the heat and pay attention to your air conditioner. Your A/C plays an important role in your comfort, health and safety during this heat.

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