Cleaning Air Filters in Your Home: Home Air Filters

To change the temperature in your home, your heating and air-conditioning system pulls in air from inside your home, then blows the tempered air through ducts to the rooms in your home. That means, your air filters are an important part of your home. Air filters keep harmful particles away from the motor and coil. The blower motor will burn out if not kept clean and could cost you more than $300 to replace and if your coil freezes up it could cost you a whopping $1200 or more for a new compressor.

Also a dirty air filter makes your A/C unit work harder and longer causing your energy bill to increase by up to 35% or more each month.

Changing your air filter once a month will cut down on the airborne particles that cause allergies and viruses.

 Dirty Air FiltersAccording to the EPA, “Filters are used to protect the HVAC equipment from the buildup of unwanted materials on the surfaces such as fan motors and heating or cooling coils, and not for direct indoor air quality reasons. They have low efficiency on smaller airborne particles and medium efficiency on larger particles, as long as they remain airborne and pass through the filter. Some smaller particles found within a house include viruses, bacteria, some mold spores, a significant fraction of cat and dog allergens, and a small portion of dust mite allergens.”  THIS IS WHY WE AT MARLIN SERVIVES OFFER SEVERAL INDOOR AIR QUALITY PRODUCTS THAT WILL IMPROVE THE AIR IN YOUR HOME.

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