Air Conditioning Is More Than A Luxury: Important To Health & Comfort

Fall has arrived. September brought a welcomeFamily Watching TV change of weather to Greater Phoenix, and now it’s time to clean up and maintain air conditioning systems and prepare heaters for cooler times. The typical summer of extreme heat also bestowed plenty of rain and thunderstorms on us. Our homes and their operating systems have taken a beating.

Keep in mind that air conditioning is not a luxury in our area. It’s a necessity, and it makes a significant difference to the health and comfort of all who live and visit. With this in mind, Marlin would like to remind you that mechanical systems need care and maintenance on a regular basis.

Below are valuable tips for caring and maintaining your air conditioning and heating equipment.

Air Filter VentsReplace Air Filters
is the easiest way to help your maintain your air conditioner. It improves efficiency, promotes longer life of the unit, keeps air ducts cleaner, and improves air quality in the home. Best to change filters monthly.

Keep Air Vents Clean for less dust, and better airflow in the home. Vacuum and wipe down air vents as needed. Also, keep furniture and other object clear of air vents for proper airflow and can cause overheating of equipment.

AC RepairA/C/Heater Inspection & Maintenance is essential for optimal performance of your system. Mechanical equipment needs proper care by the professionals once or twice per year. That goes for all major air conditioning, heating, and plumbing systems – it saves you time, costly repairs, and equipment replacement sooner than needed. Marlin’s Protection Plan is a good call for your inspection and maintenance.

Properly Program Your Programmable Thermostat to control inside temperatures any time of day or night. This makes your home comfortable, more efficient, and saves you $$.


Insulate For The Season, for your best comfort and home efficiency. Efficient home insulation helps prevent air from leaving your home as well as, from entering. Check and replace insulation in the attic, around windows, doors, and walls as needed. At least once per year is recommended.

AC with Vegetation


Clean Up The Outside A/C Unit to prevent debris, leaves, shrubs, and trees from growing up around the unit and obstructing its efficient operation. Shrubs should be planted 2-3 feet away from the a/c unit.

Be sure to use expert and professional help for mechanical maintenance and repairs. You can do the light work yourself like changing filters, cleaning vents, adding insulation, and keeping vegetation and debris from around the outside unit. 


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