Repairing or Replacing your A/C Unit


Living in the Phoenix Area we all know that a well-installed and properly operating air conditioning system is a must. This place is hot, so it’s great to go from the brutal heat into an ice cold mall or movie theater and it’s no surprise that swimming pools are such a common backyard feature.

But what happens when the air conditioning system that has so faithfully cooled your home for the past 10 summers stops doing its job?

Even though it’s a matter of comfort, affordability and safety the last thing you want to decide at the end of a 110-degree day is whether to repair or replace your air conditioning unit. Marlin Services wants to provide you with some information to help you make the right decision.


1. Will you be moving soon? When you sell your home you might not get the return on investment you had hoped by installing a new air conditioner. To save money in this situation don’t replace your air conditioning system – have it repaired.

2. Is this the first time you’ve encountered a problem with your HVAC system? HVAC units that appear to be mechanically sound and haven’t required frequent repairs in the past shouldn’t need to be replaced.

3. Is your air conditioner costing you more in energy bills than it used to? If your unit is less than five years old simple repairs like replacing worn capacitors or standard maintenance like chemically cleaning the condensing coils can make a big difference in energy efficiency. If your HVAC system spends a lot of time cooling an empty house you might consider upgrading to a programmable thermostat. A properly programmed thermostat can save you money while you’re away and still have your home nice and cold when you get home.

4. You shouldn’t have to think twice about having your air conditioner repaired if the work is minimal and the bill is low. As long as your HVAC system works properly again this is a smart move.

5. Even some expensive repairs may be more cost-effective than replacing the entire system. Get a quote for the cost of the repair. If it’s 50% or less of the cost of having a new unit installed then have the repair performed instead

Here’s a bonus: if your unit is less than five years old there’s a good chance that the repair work will be covered under warranty!


1. Is your air conditioning system more than 10 years old? If so, it’s time to invest in an ENERGY STAR unit. Your HVAC system has a life expectancy of about 10 years and once it’s this old repairing it can be like throwing money right out the window.

2. Summer is here – if you have an older unit that has required frequent repairs it’s best to prevent those nasty surprises by replacing it before it breaks down again.

3. There are currently manufacturer’s rebates and tax credits available that can lower the investment required.

4. If your energy bills are going up and your unit is over five years old it might be time to invest in a newer, more energy-efficient unit.

5. If your score is below five your home energy use is above average and you’re probably paying more than you need to on energy bills. Just remember repair tip #3 before making the big decision!

Take a look at this that outlines when and why you may need to replace your A/C unit.

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