Seasonal Maintenance Matters

GaugesIs your Heating system ready for fall/winter? Tune-ups are recommended twice per year on your heating/cooling system, in spring and fall. Regular maintenance of your system helps:

  • Prepare your home for seasonal change
  • Ensures AC/Heating equipment performs at it’s best
  • Boosts energy savings
  • Helps maintain the highest level of comfort for you and your family

AC/Heating system tune-ups help prevent costly repairs and early identification and repair of minor issues before they turn into big problems. Additionally, they extend the life of the unit, and many homeowners don’t realize the manufacturer warranty could become invalid if the unit is not serviced twice per year.

Seasonal maintenance is worth the small investment for your comfort, the best equipment performance, and longevity of your system. Have the professionals at Marlin Services tune up your heating/cooling system now that the weather has cooled down. Take care of your heating and cooling system, and it takes care of you.


The Marlin Protection Plan is a great solution
when it comes to proper equipment maintenance.

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