6 Tips To Reduce Spring Allergens In Your Home

Spring is in the air in Phoenix and that means the temperature is rising, plants are blooming, and pollen is in the air. With the onset of spring come seasonal allergies and in the U.S. there are approximately 50 million seasonal allergy sufferers. For these people, spring can be a miserable time of year. Reduce [...]

Seasonal Maintenance Matters

Is your Heating system ready for fall/winter? Tune-ups are recommended twice per year on your heating/cooling system, in spring and fall. Regular maintenance of your system helps: Prepare your home for seasonal change Ensures AC/Heating equipment performs at it’s best Boosts energy savings Helps maintain the highest level of comfort for you and your family [...]

Let’s Celebrate World Plumbing Day!

World Plumbing Day is March 11th every year! Many of us don’t think much beyond our own plumbing needs and likely do not spend a lot of time thinking about plumbing at all. World Plumbing Day, however, really brings forward all the plumbing and water issues we have globally. Again, it’s not something we think [...]

How You Can Do Your Part with Water Conservation

Water conservation is a “hot” topic these days, as many states in the U.S. face water shortages. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has worked hard over the past couple of years to instill the belief in everyone that we need to take conserving water seriously. They have developed strategies and driven federal water efficiency requirements [...]

Where Are Your Water Valves?

In the case of an emergency like a leaking faucet or a bursting pipe in the bathroom or kitchen, you can turn the water valves to stop the flow of water which stops the water from getting all over the house. It is also a good idea to teach children, who are old enough to […]