6 Tips To Reduce Spring Allergens In Your Home

AllergiesSpring is in the air in Phoenix and that means the temperature is rising, plants are blooming, and pollen is in the air. With the onset of spring come seasonal allergies and in the U.S. there are approximately 50 million seasonal allergy sufferers. For these people, spring can be a miserable time of year.

Reduce allergens in your home using these 6 tips

• Spend less time outdoors when pollen counts are high – this lessens the amount of pollen allergen you inhale and it reduces symptoms.
• Keep windows closed during pollen season and use central air conditioning
• Use high quality air filters. Change filters monthly, as they help reduce microscopic particles and indoor allergens.
• Vacuum, sweep, and dust areas around the indoor vents to reduce allergens in your system.
• Watch for signs of mold as it thrives in moist and humid areas.
• Spring Air Conditioning Maintenance from a licensed professional contractor is one of the best ways to significantly reduce the airborne allergens in your home and office. This helps eliminate particles like dust mites, pet dander, mold, insect debris, and more. Breathe better with AC Maintenance recommended each spring and fall for your best results.

Have a healthy and happy spring!