Is Your Home Ready for The Holidays? Marlin has top Brands for Your Home

Because we care about your comfort and safety, Marlin uses only high-quality products in the Air Conditioning and Heating services we provide you. When replacing equipment, you can count on American Standard and Broan for innovative excellence, energy efficiency, and reliability for your home or commercial environment. As we replace equipment, there are many conditions [...]

Heating Systems of Many Sources

With a variety of heat sources such as furnaces, boilers, heat pumps, solar heating, and electric heating – it’s wise to understand a bit about the subject if you own a home or business. Heating/AC equipment is one of the largest investments you make in home and office. As you know, heating and cooling is [...]

Furnace Sounds and Their Causes

Mechanical equipment in your home or business can develop interesting sounds, especially if the system has not been maintained on a regular basis. Our heaters and furnaces work hard to keep us warm in winter, and it’s up to us to properly maintain the mechanical equipment. Proper care of our equipment helps extend its longevity [...]

What Is SEER?

How Do You Calculate SEER? Do you even know what that means, even if you do know how to calculate it? Cooling BTUs and the amount of electricity a cooling unit uses per hour are crucial when determining a unit’s SEER ratings. An inefficient unit will have less cooling capacity/power (indicated by the cooling BTUs) […]

Fall Tips for Staying Warm

In the summer, you do all you can to stay cool in the hot summer days of Arizona. In the fall and winter, even though we do not get bone-chilling cold days like the east coast and mid-west, you still want to get the most out of your HVAC system (air conditioner in the warm [...]