Tips for Saving Money on Heating in the Winter Months

candle_check for air leaksWe have spoken about programmable thermostats because it’s a great way to control the temperatures in your house and ultimately, it helps to reduce the use of unnecessary energy and saves money. There are so many other very simple steps you can take to save energy and therefore, save money. Let’s look at many of them.

  1. Programmable Thermostats – We’ll start there because it’s a great tool to control temperatures when you don’t need the heat to be running at a high temperature – when you are out at school and work during the day and while you sleep at night, as a couple of examples.
  2. Turn Down the Thermostat – For every degree that you turn down to within the 60-70 degree range, you can save 5% on your energy bill.
  3. Replace Air Filters Regularly – Keeping your filter clean allows for the energy to flow more easily, taxing your system less.
  4. Reduce the Water Heater to 120 Degrees – Keeping the setting at 120 degrees can save 7-11% annually on your heating bill. The EPA recommends setting your water heater to 120 degrees to help prevent scalding and to save energy.
  5. Seal Leaks – Seal windows, doors, pipes, vents or electrical conduits that go through the wall, ceiling or floor.
  6. Replace Old HVAC System with an EnergyStar Product – When it’s time for a new system, consider replacing it with a new EnergyStar unit. The same goes with household appliances.
  7. Proper Maintenance – Have your system checked once to twice a year on a regularly scheduled maintenance program. A system that is running efficiently will save you money.

Here are some ideas that are completely free, quite simple and can also help save on the energy bill:

  1. Let the Sun In – During the day when the sunshine is at its best, open the blinds and shades and let the sun in.
  2. Keep the Damper Shut – If you have a wood burning fireplace, keep the damper closed when not in use. If you decide not to use the fireplace at all, place a piece of rigid insulation in the damper to seal it off tightly. It can be purchased in any hardware store.
  3. Keep the Heat Inside – Be sure doors and windows are closed when the heat is on.
  4. Bundle Up – Wear socks, sweaters and other warm items when you are a little cold. The shorts can wait for the Arizona summers.
  5. Keep Windows Covered When It’s Dark Out – In the daytime, let the sunshine in. When night falls, close the blinds and shades to keep the cold outside.
  6. Check the Exterior of Your Heating Unit – Be sure your HVAC unit is clear of grass, dirt, leaves and anything else that could be surrounding it. Hose it down to clear out the debris.
  7. Do a Little Detective Work – Light a candle and walk around the house, near doors and windows and see if you see the flame flickering. If it flickers, you have discovered leaks.

Get started to energy savings. It’s not difficult to do!

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