Is Your Home Ready for The Holidays? Marlin has top Brands for Your Home

Because we care about your comfort and safety, Marlin uses only high-quality products in the Air Conditioning and Heating services we provide you. When replacing equipment, you can count on American Standard and Broan for innovative excellence, energy efficiency, and reliability for your home or commercial environment. As we replace equipment, there are many conditions [...]

Air Conditioners are Affected by Extreme Heat

Air conditioners in the greater Phoenix area are affected by extreme heat each summer, and this summer is no different. It has been especially HOT this year! Most air conditioners are not built to operate well in temperatures of 100 degrees Fahrenheit and above when they have to keep the inside of your home 20-30 [...]

6 Tips To Reduce Spring Allergens In Your Home

Spring is in the air in Phoenix and that means the temperature is rising, plants are blooming, and pollen is in the air. With the onset of spring come seasonal allergies and in the U.S. there are approximately 50 million seasonal allergy sufferers. For these people, spring can be a miserable time of year. Reduce [...]

Furnace Sounds and Their Causes

Mechanical equipment in your home or business can develop interesting sounds, especially if the system has not been maintained on a regular basis. Our heaters and furnaces work hard to keep us warm in winter, and it’s up to us to properly maintain the mechanical equipment. Proper care of our equipment helps extend its longevity [...]

Prevent Indoor Heat From Overworking Your AC

Because air conditioners tend to run hard during spring and summer in metro Phoenix, we’d like to share a few tips to help lessen the stress put on your AC's operating system. Air conditioners can overheat when they work too hard and they must overcompensate when too much heat accumulates in the home. You can [...]