For The Best Comfort & Quality: Count On Top Brand Air Conditioners

American Standard AC

It is inevitable that air conditioners wear out with time. Most air conditioners have a lifespan of 10-20 years, depending on a variety of conditions, such as how well it has been maintained, how hard it’s run through the years and the quality of the A/C unit itself.

When it’s time to replace your air conditioner in the Phoenix area, it’s a must to select a trusted brand of high quality and proper sizing for longevity and efficiency.

One of the key brands in air conditioning that we have come to trust is American Standard. This is a brand proven for its durability, engineering, and reliability. It provides the best in energy-efficient solutions for your home and family. It is important to have expert assistance of your A/C contractor, Marlin Services to properly evaluate the size, usage, and space to be cooled. We help you select the best fitting A/C unit for your space and one that best serves your daily needs.

From a full range of units, we carefully consider size, SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio), and comfort levels that you’ll need for the hottest days of the year. With American Standard, you experience the latest in engineering and craftsmanship. When it’s time for a new air conditioner, let’s take a look at your home to decide the best size unit for your needs, and you’ll enjoy the high quality and comfort for years to come.

Meanwhile, keep your air conditioner well maintained:

  • Change air filters every month or two
  • Keep your a/c unit clear from shrubs and debris
  • Have your a/c serviced/tuned up twice per yea

Stay cool and stay comfortable in your home with the proper size, quality, and reliable air conditioning system for your home. American Standard is a key brand that serves you well.

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