Considering AC Replacement? 3 Major Tips To Watch For

Technicians were repairing air-conditioningEspecially, in the Phoenix area, our air conditioning units work extra hard as they take on the extreme heat of the desert. Air conditioning is a critical system and significant expense and investment in our homes and offices. Seriously, we cannot survive long without proper air conditioning in the desert. When it’s time to consider the need to repair or replace your air conditioning system, we offer three major factors to consider when it comes to AC replacement.

1. Your Air Conditioner Is More Than 10 Years Old
Is your air conditioner more than ten years old? At and around the 10-year mark, many AC units start their decent into AC troubles and will likely need replacement in the near future. Some units will last a couple of years beyond this. At this age, most AC equipment efficiency is in decline.

With the advancement of technology, new AC models are far ahead of the older ones when it comes to efficiency of operation, saving resources, space, and monthly bills. Not to mention the Smart Home Technology that is available.

2. Too Many AC Repairs Occurring
Something else to note in older AC equipment is that once a unit starts needing repair after repair – it’s time to consult with your professional AC contractor. Beyond ten years of keeping your home comfortable, AC repairs can start mounting up and costing you lots of money.AC Repair At this point, leaks can occur and parts wear out, and in many AC units, it can become too much to deal with. This is when it becomes time to determine if AC replacement is needed.

3. Energy Bills Continue to Rise
Once you notice a significant increase in your energy bill, pay attention to the AC to be sure it is running properly. After years of operation and especially if there has been little maintenance done, the equipment can lose efficiency and start costing you more money. Rising energy bills is one of the main clues to watch for with older AC units.

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