More Really Cool Technology: Have You Seen Touchless Flush Kits for the Bathroom?

kohler touchless flush toiletIn our homes, we don’t give much thought to flushing a toilet – it’s just something we have to do. We do this every day, several times a day. In some public places, like restaurants and airports, we have seen those modern toilets where you do not have to press a lever and the toilet flushes with no touching. But did you ever think there would be something similar available for your home?

We love seeing progress in technology and products that are beneficial to all of us. Kohler has brought to the public for our homes, touchless flushing toilet products and a touchless flush kit if you do not need to purchase a new toilet. The Touchless Flush Kits can be retrofitted on many existing toilets and it’s easy to do. It is also affordable at just under $100 for the kit.

What are the benefits of Kohler’s Touchless Technology?

  • This format reduces hygiene problems.
  • This is virtually maintenance-free. Only batteries need to be replaced.
  • The Touchless Flush Kits are powered by 4 AA batteries (which are included in the kit).
  • The Kohler touchless toilet models use four AA batteries that last almost one year depending on the toilet use.
  • The technology they use – an electromagnetic field, is more reliable and accurate than beam based sensors.

Kohler Touchless Flush Kit2If you have any further questions about the benefits of this technology for your home, contact us. We are happy to answer any questions you may have and help if you want to install a touchless flush kit or a new touchless flush toilet.

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Flushing toilets is as easy as a wave of the hand!



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