Cool Technology to Keep You Cool: Voice Control Programmable Thermostats

honeywell voice control thermostat

We have been speaking about the benefits of using a programmable thermostat for a while now. It just makes good sense to help control the temperature in your house when you and your family are there and also, when you are not at home. Not only can you save energy, you can save money on your utility bills during these very hot summer months and throughout the year.

There are a variety of great programmable thermostats on the market – from products with simple, basic features at the low end, to the capability of controlling your thermostat remotely. Think of how many times in the past, you left the house and realized that you never adjusted the thermostat to a higher temperature when no one is home. Now you can make those changes remotely through your phone, tablet or computer, with some models of thermostats.

Honeywell has taken it one step further with voice recognition cloud technology. You can change the temperature of your home, through simple voice commands. Even in a busy household, their advanced technology can break through the ambient noise and recognize the voice commands.

hello thermostatThis voice control thermostat is a combination of their advanced voice recognition technology and their Smart WiFi technology. This makes staying comfortable year round easier than ever, with saving money top of mind.

It’s easy to use. Check out the video:

Go to the Honeywell website to see all the features of the Voice Control Thermostat and learn all about it:

If you have any questions, give us a call and we can surely help you make the right decision on the best thermostat for your family.



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