Unobstructed Airflow: Key To Efficiency In AC Performance

AC w/ShrubsOne item many home and business owners often overlook is the outside air conditioning unit on the ground. The efficiency of the system’s operations can be directly affected by its surroundings: shrubs, trees, walls, fences and other obstructions. An AC unit depends on proper airflow for its peak performance.

It’s a good practice to occasionally check that your air conditioning unit is clear, clean, and safe for operating efficiently. Whether you have an air conditioner, condenser, or heat pump, be sure there is adequate clearance around the outdoor equipment for ventilation. Below are considerations for proper planning and maintenance around your AC equipment.

Plants Shrubbery and Debris

While plants and shrubbery help hide AC equipment from view and offer shade for the system, be careful that they are trimmed and well kept, so as not to obstruct the efficient airflow and operations of the AC unit.

Whatever shrubs and plant life are around the AC unit, they should be maintained and trimmed regularly to prevent overcrowding and obstruction around the unit. Keep this area clean and clear of shrubs and debris that can restrict airflow around the unit.

  • Keep shrubs, bushes and any other vegetation growth 18-24 inches away from the unit on any side with an open grill
  • Be sure the AC unit is at least 18-24 inches from the house
  • Keep multiple units 18-24 inches apart

Walls and Fencing

Building walls and fences around your AC unit is an easy solution for protecting the equipment from the elements, like blowing debris and dirt. Walls and fences can also hide unsightly equipment and provide the proper space for air to flow.

Air conditioning units need airflow to freely enter and pass through the coils for most effective performance. Check outside every now and then to ensure your AC unit is clean and clear.

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