The Warm Weather is Here! Make Sure Your A/C is Working Properly

air conditioning is working2We have been very lucky with the winter weather here in Arizona. It has felt like spring for quite a while now, even though spring has not officially arrived. That being said, NOW is the time to be sure you’re A/C system is working the way it should be working. You do not want to be dealing with a broken system in the heat of the Arizona summer!

Here are some common problems you can look for:

  • Improper Operation: Be sure all windows and doors are closed if the air conditioner is on.
  • Inadequate Maintenance: Changing your air filters regularly and having your system serviced regularly for preventive maintenance are the best ways to keep your A/C running at optimum performance and most efficiently.
  • Refrigerant Leaks: There are a variety of reasons this can happen – improper installation and poor service procedures can contribute to low refrigerant levels or leaking. Your system may not have been charged at the proper level with a bad installation. Poorly trained technicians may not properly repair and test a leak or match the manufacturer’s specifications for the refrigerant charge.
  • Electric Control Failure: The compressor and fan controls can wear out. Wires and terminals can corrode. This is where regular maintenance can be helpful and your professional HVAC company should check electrical connections and contacts during these visits.
  • Drainage Problems: When there is humidity outside, check for clogging in the condensate drain and make sure it is draining properly.

The website has some valuable information you may find helpful. Check it out:

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Maintenance of Your System:

Energy Saving Information on Heating and Cooling Your Home Efficiently:

Check out The Weather Channel’s tips for keeping a cool home:

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