Hot Tips For Staying Cool With AC Efficiencies

It’s HOT in the Phoenix area and summer is officially upon us in a couple of weeks. Temps have been hovering in the low 100s lately and with these high temperatures we’d like to offer a few reminders for cooling your home and saving as much money as possible. As we crank up the air conditioning at home, keep these energy-saving tips in mind:

  • First on the list is to check and replace those clogged and dirty air filters. It’s best to keep the filter changed once per month. This alone can help save AC energy by 5-15%.
  • Regular maintenance on your air conditioning system by professional service technicians, like Marlin Services is your best insurance for a well running system throughout the season – and for the longevity of your equipment. Have AC maintenance and repairs completed at the beginning of the season to optimize your summer comfort and smooth equipment operations.
  • Use your thermostat efficiently – save energy and money by setting your thermostat for the various times of day and night – adjust it up or down based on times when someone is home or away.
  • Thermostat efficiency – consider using a programmable thermostat for ease of control and for best indoor comfort and savings. You can save as much as 10% per year on heating and cooling by simply turning your thermostat back 7°-10°F for 8 hours a day from its normal setting.
  • Be sure to check your thermostat batteries
  • Use your ceiling fans for additional air circulation and comfort in your home. Remember, ceiling fans cool people – not rooms. Turn on ceiling fans only when someone is in the room and turn them off upon leaving the room.
  • Reduce the amount of humidity inside your home for best cooling efficiencies – use bathroom and kitchen fans as needed.
  • Reduce heat from building up in your home on hot days by limiting stove and oven use when possible. Use window coverings to help limit the sun’s heat from entering the home during summer months.
  • If your current air conditioner is 10+ years old and acting up often, think about having high efficiency equipment installed – as it can reduce your energy usage by 20-50%.

We hope these reminders help you achieve the highest level of comfort in your home this summer. Enjoy saving cash and energy at the same time.


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