Toilet Technology for Today’s Convenience

Toilet Tech

According to a recent study, Kohler reveals that three in five Americans think washing with water provides a cleaner feel than using toilet paper alone. With technology today, there are many ways to improve your toileting experience and there are many more innovations ahead. It seems we want everything to work harder, faster, and smarter for us in today’s world – including in the bathroom.

In the current environment, we actually have numerous new technologies available when it comes to toilets and below are a few.

• An automatic deodorizer filter after using a toilet
• A toilet night light for those late-night bathroom trips
• A heated toilet seat for improved comfort
• Automatic toilet seat lid that rises up prior to sitting down
• A refreshing water spray after use
• Music in the bathroom

Ask Marlin Services about the new technologies available for increased comfort and convenience in your bathroom. There are many new products available from Kohler.

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