Savings with Watersense Faucets & Aerators

Faucet AeratorSpring is a good time to repair, replace, and maintain household equipment such as plumbing, air conditioning, appliances, and more. It’s the time most of us get excited about cleaning up around the house, updating/remodeling, and replacing old, worn out household items.

Nationwide, we have the capability of saving billions of gallons of water annually by retrofitting older bathroom faucets with WaterSense models. Water efficiency is increased substantially and water performance is not compromised. Using WaterSense faucets and accessories at a maximum of 1.5 gallons per minute can reduce a sink’s water flow by 30% and more, over the standard flow of 2.2 gallons per minute. The country could save close to $1.2 billion in water and energy costs – and 64 billion gallons of water annually.

Water SenseWaterSense labeled bathroom and kitchen sink faucets and aerators are available in a wide range of styles, brands, and prices – and they help reduce the use of our precious water resources. It is wise to also consider WaterSense high–performing, water-efficient fixtures in the kitchen to help reduce even more water use, and to save money on water bills.

Products with the WaterSense label have completed an independent certification process, which meets all EPA criteria. It is a label that helps
us all.

Conserve water, save money, and preserve our resources.


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