Running Toilet = Very Large Water Bill

1.6Toilet leaks cost moneyThe water usage of an average family of 4 every day is 400 gallons per day. Most of that water, or 70%, is used indoors. And the largest percentage of the water used indoors is in the bathroom. The toilet specifically, uses 27% of the household water.

When you have a leaking toilet, there is a tremendous amount of wasted water. You will see approximately 200 gallons of water wasted each day the toilet is leaking. And you will be shocked at how that affects your expenses when you receive your next water bill. With the urgency of water supplies throughout the world today, wasting 200 gallons of water per day is a significant number. Imagine now, adding up the total of all houses with leaking toilets at 200 gallons of wasted water per day and that number is daunting.

It is easy to check and see if your toilet is leaking.

  • Remove the tank lid of the toilet.
  • Flush your toilet as usual.
  • Drop about 4 to 5 food coloring drops in the toilet tank.
  • Wait 20 to 30 minutes.
  • Check the toilet bowl for traces of the food coloring drops.

If the toilet is clear, there is no leak. However, if the food coloring appears in the toilet bowl, this is an indication there is a leak. Be sure to fix that leak to avoid a surprisingly high water bill.

Here is a video on detecting a toilet leak.

Water UsageFixing the toilet may be an easy task. You may be able to do it yourself or it may require that you call a professional. Either way, make sure you get it fixed.

If you end up needing to replace your toilet, be sure you purchase a WaterSense labeled product. Today, the current federal standard for toilets is 1.6 gallons per flush. There are many new models that are now 1.28 gallons per flush. This is a 20% savings over the federal standard and is significantly less than the older model you may be replacing. Older models range between 3.5-7 gallons per flush.

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