Main Line Clearing Helps Prevent Clogs, Corrosion & Plumbing Emergencies

Corroded Drain PipeAnyone know the condition of your sewer line? Most of us don’t pay much attention to main sewer lines until there is a problem. Sewer lines become clogged over time and for a variety of reasons when there is no regular maintenance done.

Pipes can accumulate residue from lotions, face creams, toothpaste, grease, food debris, and many other common items. When items other than toilet paper and waste are flushed, clogs can occur. Additionally, tree roots can break through the main line, and older homes can have occurrences of corroded or collapsed pipes.
Whatever the reason, a blocked sewer line is not fun. It can disrupt your household routine and prevent the use of the plumbing system until the line has been cleared and repaired as needed.

Your sewer line takes the path from your home to the city sewer system or in some cases your septic tank, and it is best to have your licensed plumber, Marlin Services, take care of your main line problems quickly.

Be Attentive to Key Signs of a Clogged Sewer Line

• Sewage starts backing up and oozing from the drains
• Loud gurgling sounds can be heard from the drain
• Drains begin to slow down
• Toilets require more than one flush
• Corroded or collapsed pipes can occur with time
• Tree roots break through the pipes

Don’t wait to call the plumber when you see signs of sewer line problems. A successful drain clearing is instantly noticed and all signs of clogged drains are gone.

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