Delta Nightlight Toilet Seats

Guiding LightInnovation and technology can make a significant difference in the convenience of daily living. Delta’s NightLight toilet seat is smart innovation, which solves nighttime bathroom concerns.
With the Delta’s NightLight toilet seat you experience many benefits:

  • Toilet seat offers a gentle, guiding light for nighttime convenience to easily maneuver to the toilet without turning on room lights – and uses a soft blue LED light
  • Light is set on a self-activated, automatic timer which helps conserve energy
  • Slow-closing seat to avoid slamming
  • Quick-release seat makes for ease of cleaning
  • No-Slip Seat Bumpers prevent seat from shifting
  • Makes nighttime bathroom trips easier and more convenient

This NightLight toilet seat helps eliminate the need for turning on room lights that awaken others during the night and it helps you find your way to the toilet much easier at night. Enjoy the convenience.


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