Bath Upgrades to Relax the Body & Mind

Kohler Artist-Inspired Spa-Worthy Bathroom

When it comes to your bathing experience, you might consider these value-added bath specialties for your best comfort and care. In the fast-paced world in which we live, it’s common to have a bath that helps the body and mind relax and help rid the stresses of the times. Kohler offers a variety of bath types for your needs including Heated Baths, Chromatherapy Baths, Wireless Music Baths, and Spa/Massage Package Baths – and much more.

At this time, we’d like to show the many features of several Kohler baths – and we’ll show you many ways to help improve relaxation and your well-being. Kohler is a brand renowned for its innovation, longevity, and quality. At Marlin, we can help you select the bath of your dreams and install it when you’re ready.

HeatHeated Surface Baths
•    Warms your neck, shoulders and back as you bathe
•    Three heat settings allow you to adjust to the perfect temperature
•    Takes away the chill to extend bathing time
•    Bask™ is the name of the KOHLER heated surface

ChromoChromotherapy Baths
•    Based on the psychology of color, chromotherapy lets you choose one of eight colors or transition through the entire cycle
•    Cool colors like blue and green are thought to soothe the body and mind, while a warm color like red is said to energize and revitalize

MusicWireless Music Baths
•    Surrounds you with music as you bath
•    Features two speakers built into the sides of the bath
•    Streams music from any device enabled with BLUETOOTH® wireless technology

Additional Baths include Spa/Massage Package
•    An additional 12 jets and chromotherapy offer the complete spa experience to remove stress and tension from your neck and back
•    Available on baths that feature the Whirlpool + Effervescence hydrotherapy combination

When it’s time for a bath upgrade, call the Marlin Services 602-470-1040.