Spring is the Perfect Time for Mainline Drain Clearing

Plumbing SinkHow often do you think about the drain system in your home? Most of us don’t ever consider it until there’s a clog or something major goes wrong with the plumbing. For a moment, think about the hassle and annoyance that occurs when a sink, shower, tub, or toilet backs up. It can disrupt whatever you are doing at the time or create an emergency situation for you.

Scum and debris naturally accumulate in household drain pipes from soaps, lotions, food waste, hair, grease, and various types of items from everyday use. Everyday items can drop into toilets, kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks, and bathtubs that can cause or contribute to drain blockage.

In the Kitchen: Pipe build up can occur from a variety of items like soap, grease, food debris, and more, causing drain clogs.

In the Bathroom: Many things can cause pipes to block and scum to build up. Hair, toothpaste, shampoos, conditioners, soaps, creams, toilet paper, and items thrown into toilets (that don’t belong there) are major culprits in drain clogging. Over time, these things accumulate and cause buildup that can eventually cause major drain blockage.

Corroded Drain PipeIn the Utility Room: Lint, dirt and accumulated debris can create drain issues, which can lead to flooding, blockage, and poor drainage in the home.

Notice when water starts accumulating in the sink as you’re doing dishes, washing your hands, taking a shower and draining a tub. It might drain slowly or, in extreme cases, not at all. These problems don’t typically occur overnight. They tend to build up and worsen over time.

When drains are running slowly or are clogged, it’s best to call on professional, licensed plumbers, like Marlin to properly clear the drain issues in the home. Plungers and other home remedies are usually only temporary fixes. It’s a good practice to have your plumbing system cleared about every two years to maintain smooth flowing pipes and to be comfortable in your home.

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