100 Hams Donated To Matthew’s Crossing: In Fight Against Hunger

Marlin Services HAM Donation March 2016
Matthew’s Crossing Receives Ham Donation From Marlin Services

At Marlin Mechanical Corporation/Marlin Services, we are pleased to participate in the local community by helping “fill the plates” at Matthew’s Crossing Food Bank of Chandler for Easter.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016, Norm Sanders of Marlin Services delivered a truckload of 100 hams – a donation to Matthew’s Crossing to feed families in need. This is one of the ways we participate in the community. It is a humbling experience and an important part of our corporate responsibility to contribute within our community.



Arizona Hunger Statistics

  • Arizona is tied as the 5th worst state in the U. S. for overall food insecurity.
  • 1 in 4 children; 1 in 5 adults; and 1 in 7 seniors struggle with hunger.

Maricopa County Statistics

  • More than 623,300 (16.5%) people live in poverty.
  • 26% of those living in poverty are children!
  • Nearly 1,138,000 (29%) are “working poor.”

    (statistics from www.matthewscrossing.org/hunger_statistics)

Matthew’s Crossing is a non-profit organization and a charity of choice for Marlin Services. Please help Matthew’s Crossing in Uniting Our Community In The Fight Against Hunger.

Donations are Greatly Appreciated and Accepted at:
Matthew’s Crossing Food Bank
Call: 480-857-2296