Save Water And Save Money

Water is an important resource today, and it is essential to understand the amount of water we use and how much we waste down the drain every day. Here’s an opportunity to learn how to easily save water and save $$ in our own homes every day.

In the United States, an average family spends approximately $1,100 per year on their water bill. The good thing is we can save $350 of this by retrofitting older, less efficient fixtures with WaterSense products and ENERGY STAR® qualified appliances.

Check the graphic below, “The Facts On Leaks” and see the statistics on water use and water leaks. It’s an eye-opener for sure. Now, let’s go out and find ways we can save water and save $$ in our own homes. Earth Day is every day and it’s time we do our share in conserving, recycling, and protecting our environment far into the future.

See this infographic to learn more…



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