Protecting Against Plumbing Disasters

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Marlin Services wishes you a Safe and Happy Halloween!

Avoid Halloween Plumbing Nightmares!

Millions of pounds of pulp are scraped from pumpkins throughout Marlin Servicesthe Halloween season, resulting in yummy pies, creative jack-o’-lanterns…and plumbing nightmares. Every year plumbers receive a lot of calls to repair garbage disposers and kitchen sink drains that have been clogged with slimy, stringy pumpkin pulp and seeds.


Tips to Guard Against Drain Disasters

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*  Never put pumpkin pulp or seeds down the toilet, sink drain or in the garbage disposer.

*  Throw away pumpkin-related materials in the garbage can or compost pile.

*  Separate the seeds, then roast for a tasty treat!

Special Treats for Halloween

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