January is National Bath Safety Month

As Americans, many of us do not realize that one of the most dangerous rooms in our home is the bathroom, with senior citizens and infants at highest risk of injury. Every day approximately 370 Americans are injured due to bathtub and shower-related incidents, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. National Bath Safety month was established to raise national awareness of the risks and hazards people encounter everyday in their home bathrooms.

We’ve all seen the commercials and know never to leave our kids alone in the swimming pool. However, 43,000 children are injured or drown in baths each year. NEVER leave your children unattended in the bath.

Here are a few other tips to make your bathroom a safer place for you and your family.

#1 Use non skid decals on the floor of your tub and/or shower to avoid slipping. You can also place a rubber bath mat to cover a larger area. Bath mats are easy to clean and suction to the floor of your bath to keep you from losing your footing on the slippery surface of your bath or shower floor.

#2 Always check the water temperature to make sure it is at a comfortable 90 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent seniors or children from being scalded by hot water.

#3 Place a terrycloth bathmat on the floor at the entrance/exit to your tub or shower. These catch dripping water and keep the bathroom floor dry so there is less risk of slipping on wet tile or laminate. Another option would be to carpet your entire bathroom.

#4 Never use towel bars as railings for getting in or out of the shower or tub. These are not designed to support much weight and may give out causing you to fall.

#5 Do not use lawn chairs or plastic stools as seating in the shower. If you require seating, invest in a very sturdy shower chair that is less likely to deteriorate or weaken in regularly wet conditions

#6 For senior citizens, who have difficulty getting in or out of the tub, you may want to research alternative baths or showers. American Standard has a whole line of walk-in baths with door entry for easier and safer access to the bathtub.

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Source: Tips for Observing Bath Safety Month