World Plumbing Day with Marlin Services

Marlin World Plumbing DayEvery year… everywhere. March 11th, is World Plumbing Day. This is a chance to create awareness for the importance of health and safety for people around the world. “The value of the plumbing profession can be seen in the aftermath of devastating events such as the 2010 earthquake in Haiti or several recent tsunamis. When the plumbing infrastructure breaks down, disease moves in. Help advance the industry by supporting this day of awareness, answer calls with a World Plumbing Day greeting, support outreach to the public or schools, or conduct fix a leak week events. Let’s help raise awareness of the plumbing profession and the valuable services and careers that it can provide.  Be sure to also check out how you can get involved in “Fix A Leak Week,” March 18-24, 2013.”

Marlin Services is taking part in the World Plumbing Day, by spreading the word. We want to bring awareness to this very important day. This goes beyond just helping the United States, this is to help the WORLD!

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