Quality Name Brand Products From Marlin

Along with the professional and expert service at Marlin, we also offer you high efficiency and quality, name brand products that go easy on your budget.

Delta Faucet

Faucets, shower heads, toilets and more, at Marlin we feature the finer brands like Kohler and Delta for kitchens and bathrooms. We know style, innovation, water conservation, efficiency, and of course, quality are important to you as a home or business owner. Through the years, we have experienced many brands and these are what we consider the exceptional brands. Kohler and Delta are names to trust. Check their web sites for products that are available.

A garbage disposal is essential in most kitchens today and at Marlin we feature a workhorse brand called InSinkErator. You can find a variety of disposal sizes that quietly and powerfully eliminate food waste, keep odors out of your trash and provide a cleaner, more functional kitchen.
InSinkErator DisposalsInSinkErator has played a major part in kitchens for more than 70 years and has helped keep kitchens clean and hygienic—and they are environmentally responsible. Let us help you find the one that fits your needs.


Whether you are at home or have a commercial building, American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning systems assure you will enjoy high-quality efficient, dependable, and affordable solutions for your indoor comfort. For more than 130 years, American Standard has been changing and perfecting the way we live indoors. At Marlin, you’ll have a full selection to choose from. Remember, with greater efficiency comes greater savings!

American Standard ACIt can be daunting to select an air conditioning unit when you don’t know what to look for in a system. Frigidaire is a brand that goes above and beyond in efficiency and comfort for home or business.Frigidaire ACs

ACs today are far more efficient than those of 10 years ago and Frigidaire makes high-efficiency air conditioners that can help you save on your utility bills—and they’re budget-friendly as well!

Water Heaters Bradford White


When it comes to water heaters both residential and commercial, Bradford White is featured at Marlin for numerous reasons. These quality water heaters are available in almost any configuration you need such as natural gas, propane, and electric. Bradford White delivers what you need.


When the time arises for repair, maintenance, or replacement of air conditioners, heaters, drains, and plumbing – Marlin is here to help you make informed decisions about the products to best fit your needs.
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