Celebrating 30 Years of Excellent Service

Celebrating our 30th Anniversary!

Marlin Services would like to draw special attention to our 30 year anniversary! We are celebrating years of happy customers and professional quality service. In recognition of our 30th anniversary, we are rolling back FALL TUNE UP prices to 1982 levels. Instead of our current price of $99, we are offering it for $30. {Until October 31st}.

Also, while Phoenix is known for the extreme heat in the summer, many people don’t realize that night time lows start to fall in September and drop to an average of 39 degrees in December.  Marlin Services offers heater/furnace installation and heater/furnace repair throughout the Valley. Oftentimes, as a heater/furnace ages, it loses efficiency or, in some cases, stops working all together.  Marlin can provide heater/furnace repair or complete replacement to keep your home warm and comfortable during the winter.  We specialize in highly efficient heaters/furnaces that can save you money. All installations/repairs are done by highly skilled technicians and our work is %100 guaranteed! If you experience problems with your heater/furnace, or wish to replace your heater/furnace, please contact Marlin Services today! (602) 470 1040.